How to treat your Trees


Add Mulch Around Your Trees
Natural, wood chip mulch is one of the best ways to save water and can keep your trees healthy. A thick layer of mulch on top of the soil around your tree will

keep moisture in the soil and protect the roots from extreme temperatures, so you use less water and your trees stay happy!
Keep mulch 4 inches away from the trunk, spread it 4 feet in diameter (or out to the drip line if possible), and pile it 6 inches deep.

Check the Soil
How do you know if it’s time to water your tree? Check the soil!
Use a small shovel or screw driver to check the soil 6-8 inches below the surface near the drip line.
If the soil feels dry and crumbly, it’s time to water your tree with a slow soak. If the soil feels sticky or wet, let it dry for a couple days before checking

it again.

Water Responsibly With a Slow Soak
Water needs to reach the roots of your tree, which are located 12-28 inches below the surface. Because the root zone extends as a tree grows, young trees and

mature trees need different watering techniques.

The roots of a mature tree extend underground even wider than the branches extend above ground. Adding water near the trunk of a mature tree will not reach the

Slowly soak the area throughout the root zone for several hours to reach the roots 12-18 inches below the surface.
You can use:
? A soaker hose beginning a few feet from the trunk and spiraled outward toward the drip line
? An oscillating sprinkler on a low setting moved to various locations through the root zone
? Drip emitters
Allow water to slowly drip into your soil for several hours.


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